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mymagicword's Journal

Akito Sanata
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Name: Akito Sanata
Age: 26
Birthday: October 24th
Height: 183cm
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Gray
Sexuality: Homosexual
Occupation: Top writer for the music magazine "rEvolution"

Since before he was born, Akito's family had been quite close to the Kuromi family. When a son was born to the Sanatas and a daughter born to the Kuromis, both in the same year, the two families considered it fate.

From the time he was old enough to walk, Akito's parents always talked of the Kuromi daughter, Chiko. At first the talk was playful, game like, and the young boy thought nothing of it. He and the Chiko found themselves in same class from preschool and on, and would often be subjected to their families growing nudges toward friendship.

Apart from their kin, the two became close friends over the years. During high school, under their parents ever so watchful eye, they tried dating. However, it became apparent to them that the relationship wasn't going to work. The attraction the two seemed more of the effects of years of close friendship, and nothing more. The two went their seperate ways romantically, however, their friendship stayed strong. Soon after, they realized, the close friendship they possessed wasn't exactly what had gone wrong. Their attraction to those of the same sex became more apparent as they both delved into the dating scene. It became clear to the two of them that something had to be done. They returned to dating to still the once again rampant suggestions of their parents, confiding only in one another of their true desires. The farce continued through high school, and the two became the epitomized 'High School Sweethearts'.

Once primary school was completed, Akito entered a university in Europe. Away from the watchful eyes that had followed him for so long he was free to find himself, exploring his sexuality, and fullfilling a life long dream to be a writer. Upon his graduation, and return to Japan, his parents, once again, continued their unending mission to join he and Chiko in holy matromony.

Akito's professional carreer as a columnist for the music magazine rEvolution skyrocketed. However, the constant pestering of his family to marry was painstakingly antiproductive to his work. More and more often they would call, write, visit, for one purpose alone: To have their wish realized. He and Chiko would meet on occasion to discuss what could be done, but to no avail.

After a few months, a lightbulb clicked on and a plan was formed between the unhappy couple. It was simple; he and Chiko would marry one another, knowing their respective parents would gladly agree and finally give them peace.

As newlyweds, they moved across the city, and living under the same roof, under the guise of marriage. With this, they were finally able to live the lives they wanted, even in secrecy. Each take their own lovers from time to time, and manage to juggle both professional careers and keep their parents at bay, while mantaining the strong friendship that had kept them together for so long.

They remained married for two years until a fateful night when Chiko was returning from a date. She was attacked by a mugger and fatally shot. Akito lost his best friend, and his desire to write for almost a year. In the spring of 2005, he returned to rEvolution to begin work again and rapidly became the magazine's top writer as his career became the focus of his life. In the past year he's become one of the most well-known magazine journalists in Tokyo, not only for his talent, but also for his incredible good looks and stylish demeanor.

Currently, he still lives in the apartment he and Chiko shared.

Aki has two distinctive sides to his personality.

The first is the cool, collected, highly professional, sleek and suave columnist. Determined, but well mannered, this side to him, more often than not, always gets it's way. It causes the fangirls to swoon over his coolness, the critics to marvel at his solid demeanor, and turns even the most skilled interviewer, or interviewee, into a ball of putty in his hands.

The other side of Akito is the good natured, fun loving man trapped behind the curtain of depression. Since his wife's death he's closed his personal life up tighter than a drum. Only one person has every truly had a good taste of the true Akito, and that's Chiko. Inwardly, Akito is still searching for what's best for him. This side to him can be childish and playful once the wall is broken through, but emotionally fragile at times. He's more apt to the influence of others while his guard is down.

Akito himself has never been in love. He adores the idea of love, but does not let that lead him toward rushed relationships. He believes, unyeildingly, in the idea of finding his one true soulmate, though he realizes that it's quite childish and unlikely. While the idea doesn't prevent him from dating, and enjoying the pleasureable company of others, he does stop him from allowing his heart to open too much, and often he berades himself for not being able to settle for less than pure love, an idea in which he's unsure even exists.

One important aspect of Akito is that he has something akin to a shoulder angel...or devil depending, that often times attempts to give him ideas, most of which he ignores. This little voice whispers his true desires, the things which he feels are improper for him to want to ask or obtain. For all intensive purposes, this little voice is referred to as 'Aki-chan'.

He has a secret love of cooking and sweets.
He has a small turtle named Zippy.
He drives a silver, customized four-seat, Maserati Spyder.

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