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So, it would seem I have an admirer of sorts. I've recieved two packages thus far from a yet unnamed suitor. At first I thought the initial gift might have come from Sakuma-san, as he seems prone to those kinds of things. However, his lack of physical presence, and the fact that the gift was definitely lacking Sakuma-san's personal flair.

That and, as affectionate and adorable as you are, Sakuma-san, I really don't see you signing your gifts labeling yourself as someone's "Greatest Love".

At this point, whoever this person is seems to be harmless, not exactly stepping over the boundaries into "stalkerhood" as far as I know.

I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Any suggestions?
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Easter [Public Post]

To anyone who's either lived, or spent an excessive  amount of time overseas, Happy Easter!

I realize that some of you may not know what Easter is, as it's nearly nonexistant here in Japan due ot the lack of commercialability to the adult public.

Still, everyone try to enjoy a little chocolate today, even if you don't exactly know why. :)

~Sanata Akito
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Sick Day [Filtered Post]

So, it seems that the illness that has been tearing it's way from one end of the rEvolution building to the other has finally met up with yours truly. I suppose it's my own fault. As attractive as those adorable little white face masks were, I never really considered partaking of them. This...cold seems to wander its way through the entire building at least twice a year, but this is the first time I've actually found myself pummeled by it.

As it is, I'm being cruelly forced to take a few days off from work due to a minor...mishap that occured earlier today. Nothing serious, I promise, but I've been banished from the building for at least two days for my own health. At the point I'm being bombarded by the most awful tasting medicine known to man. I wish more physicians would take the "Princess Bride" approach to medicine and chocolate-coat everything.

I'm glad to hear that people are returning to Tokyo safely from their travels. I hope to hear from many of you soon, once I'm far less contagious. I do hope you all manage to steer clear from this cold. Or, at the very least, have less sadistic pharmacists.
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No rest for the wicked. [Filtered post]

My mother called again today. Three times on the private cell, not that I know exactly where it's located for the moment. I suppose I must have misplaced it at some point last night in the livingroom while I was entertaining. I posted a mental note to myself that I really need to change the ringtone once I regain access to iit. There's only so much Auld Lang Syne that a man can take. As it is, the sudden monotony of it only fuels my need to find it, and for the life of me, all the hunting I can do through my apartment has warranted me nothing but a stubbed toe, a mild headache, eighty-five yen in couch change that I really don't think was mine to begin with, and a slightly tacky looking scrunchy that I imagine must belong to that nice cleaning lady.
As much as I absolutely adore her, I don't have the heart, or the patience to offer my mother the number to the business cell. 

The B'z, DOA and Utada articles are apparently running behind due to space constraints. Fugara's in an absolute uproar. The layouting team does the best they can, and they come up with amazing results. So, I ended up spending three hours helping Kitamura, Kusanagi, and Miyai-kun call several of our advertisers. I don't mind the extra work as long as the magazine is ready. Besides, I'm an avid believer that there should be less endorsements anyway. At least my presence caused Fugara to stalk off for a few hours. I'm rather thankful I'm out of his jurisdiction.

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"Hello" to all of you in internet-land! [Public Post]

Sanata Akito here, top writer for Tokyo's best and brightest music magazine, rEvolution. Please feel free to comment, I always enjoy hearing from others, especially fans!

Over time, I'll be posting interviews led by yours truly, responding to fan mail, and other main events the magazine wishes to advertise before the next issue even hits the press! That said, I still greatly encourage all of you to buy a copy of rEvolution, as you'll miss out on all the lovely photographs, interviews, band information, and other monthly updates our dedicated and talented team provides.

Thank you for your support and feedback! I hope to hear from all of you very soon!

~Sanata Akito
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